Nutritionally balanced meals are something that Pet Choy strongly advocates. Cats and dogs are entirely different species from humans, therefore balancing the nutrients in their diet is not easy, and it requires the expertise gained in the veterinarian field.

In today's article, Pet Choy will explore why dry, granular meals do not meet the nutritional balance criteria. At the same time, we will once again emphasize the importance of foods with a reasonable dietary formula.


1. Why dry granular dog and cat food is not nutritionally balanced?

Contrary to the hype, most granular dry foods being sold on the market do not meet the nutritional balance standards your pet needs. That means it is possible that the type of food that you are feeding your cats and dogs every day has no health benefits and effectively is only making you waste money. How can this be? Let's consider the following reasons:

- Processed food loses important nutrients. Unlike paté for dogs and cats, dry granular foods often undergo very high-temperature processing. It is this temperature that will destroy essential nutrients and destroy the taste of the food. To compensate for the lost flavors, manufacturers often add chemicals that create odors that are not healthy when absorbed into the pet's body.

- Dry foods often use a lot of fillers, preservatives, flavorings and colorants. After going through high-temperature processing, dry food will no longer retain its flavor and color. By losing their freshness, pets will not be interested in eating these products. This is why most dry food manufacturers often add chemicals such as flavorings, fillers, food colorants, etc.

- Dry food does not provide enough water for dogs and cats. Just like us humans, our pets need to stay hydrated. True to the name "dry food," this type of dog food will not be able to meet the water needs of your four-legged friend. Dehydrated dogs and cats can lead to severe symptoms such as loss of appetite, decreased energy, shortness of breath, loss of skin elasticity, dry eyes, nose, gums, etc.


2. What are the consequences of a poor nutritional balance in your pets' food?

Feeding your pets with food that is nutritionally unbalanced or worse yet, lacks key nutrition can have dire consequences such as:

- Shorter lifespan. Lack of nutritional balance means that your beloved pet will not be provided with an adequate supply of one or more substances. This makes cats and dogs unable to develop adequately and in the long run, they will develop malignant diseases.

- Obesity. There is a high chance that this type of food is leaving too much fat or proteins when it comes to' nutrition imbalance' in dog and cat food. While normally essential in healthy proportion, the excess of these two components will cause your pets to become obese quickly and risk suffering from severe health problems.

- The premise of serious diseases. In addition to obesity, the lack or excess of nutrients in the daily diet, if prolonged, will quickly cause severe conditions such as kidney disease, liver disease, and cancer.

- Interference with the healthy development of dogs and cats. When your pet's nutrition lacks essential nutrients, your cat or dog will not develop correctly. An excellent example of this is calcium intake: cats and dogs need 4 times more calcium than humans! With this amount of calcium, kittens and puppies can develop well in the skeleton, heart, and brain.


3. Choose fresh paté from Pet Choy to support your pet's health!

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